Facebook Hack : Select All friends on Facebook when suggesting [updated]

UPDATE: It seems this method now doesn’t work. You can instead use this Google Chrome extension to select all friends on Facebook.

If you need to suggest an interesting group or to Like a page to all your friends, selecting all of them manually is really boring. If you have hundreds of friends, it can too be time consuming. Along with this, a small mistake at the end can ruin all your work. I have found some interesting tips to select all our friends on Facebook very easily. Here are some  ways:

1) Using the Greasemonkey script -“Select all Friends Facebook”:  This is a great Greasemonkey Script. It not only enables you to select all friends, also gives an option to choose the no. of friends. Here are the steps for selecting all friends on facebook with this script:

1)Download and install Greasemonkey plugin for Firefox (if you haven’t). People using Chrome 4.0 or higher don’t require this.

2)Go to userscripts.org/scripts/show/57990 where you will find the “Select all friends Facebook” script.
3)Click on Install.

4)Go to the Facebook Group or Page you want to suggest and click suggest to friends. If the script is enabled you will get an option at the bottom of the box to select all friends.

Facebook Suggest to all using Greasemonkey script

2) JavaScript Code to select all friends on Facebook: This is an easier method and works on all browsers. Copy the following Javascript code and paste it on your browser’s address bar when the suggest to friends box appears. Then press enter.

Suggest to all JavaScript

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