How to : Create multiple facebook accounts using same e-mail address

This is just a idea. However, creating multiple accounts on Facebook may be violation of its terms and conditions.

Facebook doesn’t allow you to create two accounts with the same e-mail id. If you try to create a new Facebook account with same e-mail id, you will get an error “There is an existing account associated with this email address.” However if you are using Gmail, you can tweak to create two or more Facebook accounts with same e-mail. Here’s how it works:

Actually, when you create an e-mail id in gmail, you create many e-mail id. Gmail actually ignores “.” (periods) in email id. For example: The email id – [email protected] is same as [email protected] or [email protected] If you create [email protected], [email protected] is not allowed for anyone. If an email is sent to [email protected], it will reach [email protected]

How to use this in creating multiple Facebook accounts ? : If you have used [email protected] in creating your first facebook account, you can use [email protected] for the second one. The confirmation mail for second account will too be sent to [email protected] Similarly, try for [email protected] or [email protected] In this way you can create a large no. of Facebook accounts with same Gmail address.

multiple facebook accounts

How will I log in on different accounts on Facebook with same e-mail id ? : Though Gmail ignores “.” in email, facebook doesn’t. So, you should enter the same e-mail id with dot in order to log in to the facebook account.

Can this trick be used in other services ? : I have now found that this trick works with Twitter also. Check for other services yourself.

Can I use Hotmail or Yahoo e-mail addresses for this trick ?: No, hotmail and Yahoo don’t ignore “.” in e-mail addresses.

  • Gregy

    It seems to detect spam after a few attempts. I think I got 4 versions of the same gmail account before the registration page says ‘please enter a valid email address’ no matter which variation you use. Admittedly I only tried with the one word

  • Gregy

    It seems to detect spam after a few attempts. I think I got 4 versions of the same gmail account before the registration page says ‘please enter a valid email address’ no matter which variation you use. Admittedly I only tried with the one word

  • iza

    yups.. it doesn’t works for me too..

  • krishna

    this is not there some other way out?

    • [email protected]

      no no no no no non o non o non no no no no no

  • Mariaorchid_alcontin

    my facebook account has been suspended can i make a new one with the same email adress?

  • Salima Rafiq Bhaidani

    i want to create first time facebook id with my id [email protected]:disqus .com

  • Salima Rafiq Bhaidani

    i want to create first time facebook id with my id [email protected]:disqus .com

  • Salima Rafiq Bhaidani

    i want to create first time facebook id with my id [email protected]:disqus .com

  • Emilyzakria

    67 years a go

  • Liptonicedteap

    we can not get on facebook  with my password why

    • Luisa48

      It’s not the password you signed up with. A friend of mine had the same problem. she forgets id’s to her accounts. Contact facebook about it.

  • Richesbrew1

    has anyone figured out a way around the phone verification that facebook requires to create a new account know…. i dont have that many phones…lol

    • Mandy

      can’t you just look up any number you find in the phone directory and give em that number? I don’t think they call, they just want to verify its a valid number. I may be wrong, but I doubt someone at FB is calling all these 100s numbers they must get each day.

      • Jim Milburn

        No they either have to call U or send a txt msg which U must receive and respond to. So using just any phone number wont work.

  • Kingnetsurfing

    wow, how will the Facebook deal with this trick???

  • Maleesha Rividuni


  • Lisam46

    I have a business Like page Jam Kidswear on FB and tried to create a friend’s one as well but stupidly put in the same email address, now I have lost access to Jam Kidswear, only brings up the one I was trying to do as a friend’s page. I desperately need my Like page back – Please help???

  • Mandy

    Personally, I think its easier to just create multiple free email accounts and create FB accounts with those individually. FB doesn’t seem to worry about multiple accounts unless there’s spamming involved. They have no way to prove its the same person or several people using the same computer.

    Many people use one acct for personal and one for general use, or have several for playing the games (since sometimes you need “X amount of friends” to level up or progress further). Nothing has ever happened to them or their accounts as a result.

    • mayorga jellybean

      I’m afraid that’s not true and you are very lucky they haven’t forced you to register a new account. I lost all information on one account with my name and number and I was forced to register a brand new account with all my friends and family who I keep in contact regularly every week gone. I still have my account for playing games and “friends” that I play with, but I don’t have my personal account with friends’ and family’s contact information, private blogging, “likes,” and I have tried to figure out how to contact Facebook but they deceived me that there is a “Report/Block” in the gear icon but it is a lie!…or I must be the only one without that information in my Facebook account they claimed. Is there another way to get my account again, I did a “search” but found six login email names (one with someone else’s picture) and different contact information with none of them mine?

  • Sowjik30

    wooooooooooow wat an idea sirji 🙂

    • Jamie

      I think facebook has finally caught on.  It says there is already an email address associated with it!

  • Jinhaobijam2011

    my name is jina haobijam…………by mistake i hv open a new account with same gmail id……but i cnt access the previous account …help me..but i cnt the previous account is still there

    • me2

      were you able to get this fixed?????

      • Sheila Jeffery


    • PARTH

      u can still access the privious account..



      • mayorga jellybean

        They won’t let you delete your account or I can’t find that information, how do I find it?

  • Hkgiii

    can some IT guru who wants to make it big in the world just develop a BETTER FACEBOOK without any verifications, delete, remove and block features and being absolutely free as competition for Facebook…I’d say that will be the END OF FACEBOOK FOREVER then they will have to adapt or DIE

  • Klerik222

    how to create many fb accounts, I can’t because after 2nd creation, it asks me phone number and in the 3rd creation of account it asks me again phone but i haven’t so many phone numbers, who can help me in this case
    Please, HELP)

  • giwil

    So can i ask Facebook administration to check all my phone numbers used at my house, To see if my child is using a fake account or a hidden one?

  • AbsyCallahan

    This is good for getting free parts in car town. If you have 2 accounts, you can use your second account to offer the parts to the 1st one. When you log in with your first account, you will get the parts offered by the “second you”. This way, you don’t have to wait to your friend make offers for car parts.

  • allison

    please please help, i changed my facebook’s primary email address to an email that i was using for another facebook account and now i can’t access that other one, i try to log in with that email but it keeps thinking it’s the new facebook not the other one. what do i do ?

  • Thaw Zin

    when I used facebook ,suddently appear (log in).so,I reply log in.but my fb account is locked .I tried many time to log in but is not (fb)say my account is temporarily locked &,I wait 24 hours ago, but now 3 days long.why?

  • pabitra kumar biswal

    my name is pabitra, mera old fecebook id identify mang raha hai, to me new account karna chahatahoon.lekin account nenhi hotahai…..mai kya karoo aap please help me

  • Kevin Alex

    this is not properly working. Please share some other methods to create the multiple fb accounts.

    Thank You,

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    I opened a Facebook account in Uganda last month in march, currently am in Somalia working with AMISOM. When I tried to access my account, I was told to verify it on phone. I happened to put my phone number of Uganda but later remembered that I should have put my current contact number of Somalia. I later put the one of Somalia but they had already sent the verification code to my number in Uganda. I then received the verifation code today from my wife in Uganda and to verify my account but it failed. What should I do?

  • rini

    hi h r u…………………………………………

  • Yoram W. Torker

    This doesn’t work anymore. Facebook recognizes that it is the same email. 🙁

  • Raju

    This idea doesn’t work since I tried out

  • Zindgi Tariq

    Hey, I want to create another id with the same e-mail address, I read the the suggestion above but it is still not working. plz give any other suggestion

  • mayorga jellybean

    Basically if I had two Facebook accounts with the same name but two different email contacts then Facebook decides to merge the two different Facebook accounts with two different email accounts to contact but both of them belonging to one person, I can’t unmerged the two accounts which I have tried a dozen times then all of a sudden one of my Facebook accounts that had my name and number they deleted it without prior authorization and forced me to registered a brand new account without all my personal information, timeline, friends and families contact information, Notes (considered blogging) I can’t get any of it back? I have tried and tried but it’s all gone and I don’t know who to contact because there is NO “Report/Block” in the gear icon of Timeline in Facebook for me to retrieve all that I was forced to lose.

  • Luisa48

    I have two different FB accounts. But FB wont let me have them open at the same time. It gives me a message like there is interference or something like that. My user name on both accounts is the same but a different number is added at the end. so is my emails on both my last name and a different number sequence.

  • Shubham Bansal

    it is showing error
    Sorry, it looks like [email protected] belongs to an existing account. Would you like to ?

  • BigBoyJohn

    I need a second facebook account for business do I need a second Email address