How to send files on Facebook chat

Nimbuzz LogoChatting with your friend is one of the major part of using Facebook. However unlike other internet messengers, Facebook has limited stuffs with the chat. There’s no direct method of sending the files via Facebook chat. Using some tricks, you can send a file to the friend on Facebook chat.

One of the ideas is to first upload the file in any of the free file sharing sites. Then post the link on the chatbox. But this seems to be very lengthy process. You may also have a lot of limitations with the file sharing sites.

A relatively easy method is by using Nimbuzz. You can either download the Nimbuzz messenger on your PC or use the web-based messenger. Nimbuzz also has the software for mobile phones. File-sharing works with all three. Firstly you need to create your Nimbuzz account. Then add your Facebook account. With this you can chat with your friend on Facebook via Nimbuzz. If you are chatting using Nimbuzz, there’s the send file option.

Sending file on Nimbuzz

Sending file on Nimbuzz -2

As soon as you click send file and select the file from your computer, Nimbuzz automatically uploads the file to its own server. The size-limit for file is 5MB. After uploading is completed, the link to file appears on Friend’s Chatbox with following message:
Message on Facebook Chat

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    but we can not send even link on facebook chatting…so dumbb

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    this is good

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    this trick 100% working lot of thnx admin

  • KSA

    If you click the message button at the top of the page next to the logo, find the recipient’s name and click it. At the bottom is a text box for a message, and a link for adding files and another link for adding photos. You can add multiples of each. Just wish there was a shortcut for that in the tiny chat window…
    PS: PNG made by me.

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    how do you add the facebook