A guide to remove rogue antivirus programs

Antivirus 7 - Rogue antivirusRogue antivirus programs have been a headache for us as about 21% of all virus infrctions have been reported from these malware.  These malware hijack your home page, display persistent non-existent virus detection warnings and tell you that you only have the trial version of the program and ask you to buy the full version from a particular site costing about 30-90 dollars, after paying which, obviously nothing happens except from revealing your credit card number to an international ring of thugs. This can really be rather irritating and your computer becomes almost nonfunctional due to constant nagging.

If you too are suffering from rogue antivirus programs such as Antispyware2010, Antivirus 7 etc. These programs are generally unaffected by the popular antivirus programs as they are not classified as viruses so here are some general techniques for their removal.

1. Automatic Removal

Use the following programs to remove rogue antivirus programs.

1) Malwarebytes

2) SuperantiSpyware

3) Avast Anti-Virus

4) SmitfraudFix

Guide to using SmitfraudFix

2. Manual Removal

It’s suggested that you backup your registry before manually removing  Live Rogue Anti-Virus. And double check the entries that you are going to delete, or your computer can’t work for missing some files.

There are many rogue antivirus programs and each have different processes and registry key values. spywareremove.com is a safe site and provides info about each of them. It can be reached at Spywareremove’s site.

Hope you find yourself away from the clutches of these nuisance and potentially dangerous rogue anti-virus programs. Adios

  • Hi,

    Its really amazing guys that Rogue antivirus programs have been a headache for us as about 21% of all virus infrctions have been reported from these malware. its really so helpful for me.


  • Exciting technology.. But in my point of view compared to automatic removal, manual is best.. Is it right?

  • Mike

    This article was very helpful. Thanks. I was dealing with Win 7 Anti Virus. These guys even went so far as to disable the system restore as well as disabling all browser capability (probably through the proxy server settings although it was not visible). luckily, I was able to restart in safe mode and then system restore was accessible. I restored back about 4 days and everything is fine

  •  Working out with manual technology is far better than working on automatic.

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    Antivirus can help me to protect my computer.

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    Thanks for your sharing! It will help prevent spyware infection.