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    Photo Zoom in FacebookThe small thumbnails and the clicking on the photos to see full image might be irritating for the Facebook. But Facebook Photo Zoom plugin for the browsers could be the solution. The Photo Zoom function enables the user to zoom the thumbnail images and images on the wall on mouse-over without loading to the new page.

    Facebook Photo Zoom on Google Chrome:

    Google Chrome extension ‘Facebook Photo Zoom enable the mouse-over zoom on Facebook. You can just keep the mouse-pointer over the image such as thumbnail image, profile pictures or the other images posted in the wall and news feed.

    You can install the extensions from chrome.google.com/extensions

    Photo Zoom Extension in Google Chrome

    The extension symbol is visually seen appearing in the aside the facebook chat option in the bottom right of your Google Chrome Browser. Just you can enable or disable the Photo Zoom Option from there.

    Facebook PhotoZoom  on Mozilla Firefox

    ‘Facebook PhotoZoom’ Add-ons on facebook enables the mouse-over zoom in Mozilla Firefox. Profile pics, small thumbnail images and other images on your wall or others profile can be zoomed easily by moving mouse over the image.

    Facebook PhotoZoom Add-on can be installed from addons.mozilla.org

    Zoom Photo on Facebook

    • http://technott.com sudip kafle

      This is an awesome feature. I recommend all of you to add this plugin. I bet you will love this.

    • sudip

      This is an awesome feature. I recommend all of you to add this plugin. I bet you will love this.

    • rezila

      this add on has been disabled .. is there any alternatives??

    • http://articlesdownload.com/ webstar

      this add-on is really help to zoom photos on mouse over. 

    • Jake Handling

      yea cool .. another free plugin I developed ..

      Even better!