Google dumps Windows over Security Concerns

With the recent “Chinese hack attacks” on Google, the Internet Giant has been more concerned over its security. And for this Google says Who need Windows ?Google phasing out use of Windows

According to Financial Times, Google has been slowly phasing out the use of Microsoft Windows over security concerns since January after hack attacks on its Chinese Operations. Now employees will be given the choice between Apple’s Mac OS and Linux but no longer Windows. But they will still have Microsoft Windows PCs to test their services.

Google publicly cited that Windows and Internet Explorer are the main streams through which hackers accessed personal accounts and confidential data from Google’s servers and also blamed Windows vulnerabilities for the China hacking incident.

As Google is in the process of introducing a competitive platform and operating system (Android and Chrome), this move isn’t quite surprising. Microsoft being one of Google’s primary competitors, many believe that Chrome OS, expected to be released later this year, is going to be Google’s most direct attack on Microsoft to kill Windows .

But now it’s for sure 20,000+ Windows licenses won’t be sold and renewed at Google in future years…