World Cup…being played on facebook?

Facebook is the best summary of the world’s view. What’s big on facebook, must and is always big on the real world. Jeez, we know Obama won because of facebook but let’s not go there. Anyways, the latest global talk is the FIFA World cup and Facebook has gone heasd over heels over it.

On a recent post by facebook entitled Heartbeat of the world cup, it has given some groundbreaking stats about the frequency of the World-Cup related status updates and it seems that the number of status updates increase exponentially after a goal and in between important matches whereas seeing a serious drop during matches.

Well, we know the South Korean incident in 2002 where all the Seoul water supply had finished during half times for obvious reasons, it seems peoplehave been able to hold their facebook temptation…cited to be be even worse than nature’s call!!!

Goal!: A look at the spikes in people writing "goal" in their status updates since the beginning of the World Cup. The peaks correspond with big matches, represented above with country flags
The Spirit: A look at the relative volume of status updates with a World Cup-related keyword since the start of the tournament. Spikes correspond with the opening ceremonies, as well as many of the most talked-about matches.
Match Up: Status messages about the first England-US match surged over the course of the game on June 12. The keywords analyzed were "USA" and "England," as well as the names of the top players from both teams. About 30 percent of all status updates on Facebook during the course of that match included a word relevant to the World Cup.
The Players: A look at how four of the most well-known players stack up in status messages mentioning them since the start of the tournament.
data provided by facebook