Fix microphone problem in Gmail Voice call

Gmail logoGoogle voice got integrated in Gmail enabling to call phones from Gmail. With this service, anyone from any part of the world can call US and Canada for free and the calling rates are cheap for other part as well. The service is now available for Windows, Mac and now for Linux too.

However, many people are experiencing microphone issues in Gmail. The telephone rings and you can hear the other person. However, the receiver is unable to hear your voice. Many Gmail users are experiencing the same problem. This occurs because Gmail is unable to detect the correct microphone of your computer. This can be fixed by changing Chat setting in Gmail:

1) Log on to Gmail and click on Settings at the top right.
2) Under Settings click on Chat.
3) In voice and Video chat you can find Microphone. If the microphone has been set to Default device, change it with your microphone name.
4) Save the settings and you the microphone problem will be solve.

Try to call phone from Gmail and the other person will be able to hear you.

  • thanx…..bro……u r awsome!

  • Thanks! Fixed a multitude of issues.

  • John G Kimbro

    Thank you much Saved me some time

  • Thanks Sudip. Simple solution, saved time. Had tried to make couple of calls before, but didnt take time… Now I can eliminate that Magic Jack for its poor call quality/delays/echo with Google Voice

  • Michaelisom

    didn’t work for me…Mic works fine on all else, just not google voice…please help.

  • akin

    thanx… works like magic!!!You are simply the best…I appreciate bro.

  • Thank you, worked like a charm.

    • Donny

      Didn’t work

      • Thaisail

        I can get my microphone to work with Google Talk to send Voice Mail messages but it still will not work with Google Video Chat.

  • Thaisail

    Microsoft just bought SKYPE! Is is possible that this microphone issue is industrial espionage from Microsoft to bring down Google?

  • Shahirajesh80

    thanks bro

  • Vixie

    my laptop has a built in mic, which works fine with my other software like skype, but it won’t work with google. do i need to buy an actual mic? help.

  • Clauperez

    Thank you. You really solve the problem.

  • Thaisail

    I tried your solution but the mic still does not work. Any other ideas?

    • Jim R

      I also tried this solution and it didn’t work. I found on my Vista 32 HP laptop, I had to leave open Recording Devices settings window by right clicking Volume icon in tray and selection Recording Devices.

  • Anhvong2002

    After following your direction, my microphone still didn’t work. someone couldn’t hear my voice while  I heard them so clearly. What wrong with this problem? And do you have other ways to fix it? 

  • Joeshmoe5599

    didn’t work (acer aspire one netbook, windows 7)

  • Jim R

    Also, I found Chat Setting were not in Options tool icon in my Gmail. It is Chat panel in lower left Gmail side panel and under a small down arrow that opens Chat options, Once in Chat Settings, you can verify your Microphone is working by click on Verify Your Setting and speaking into your Mic. The mic volume scale in Voice and Chat number 2 verify, should show/verify your voice volume is being shown. You do not have to on a call. If you see no response to speaking into your mic, your called party will not hear you.

    Once again, I found if I did not leave open Vista’s Recording Devices window by right clicking Volume Icon in tray, I would lose voice output between calls. Leave it open if you have problems,

  • Dtks0811

    I tried the idea only the built in mic on my laptop still isnt allowing me to talk, i can hear the other end perfectly clear but they cant hear me. any ideas on this?

  • Fasdfasdf


  • Klightrose

    Windows 7 64 bit HP.  i5 Core. I’ve done every possible thing – even set this to microphone and I see it’s got me dialed in.  BUT NOT FRCKN GOOGLE.  this does not work.  What is going on.  Please if anyone can help, Karen here.  I can hear all incoming, but no outgoing voice AT ALL

  • Murthy Pvasn

    Than you very much. It works for me as well

  • Ludagraham

    Thanks a million!!! That worked perfectly..and easy to fix too. 

  • Timothy657

    It worked!!!  Just as you said…step by step!!! Oh yeah!!!  I’m back in business!!!


  • libin cb

    in skype, yahoo my mic is working.. but in google not working..plz help..

  • nemo

    Your post is an old one, but it helped me today and solved my problem completely. Thanks so much.

  • Whazstony

    Worked like magic

  • helpful dude

    It’s now “chat settings” in the left panel under the little green camera thing.

  • helpful dude

    …but it still doesn’t work for me either

  • yash

    but dude im able to hear other’s voice but they r not able to reach myen……please guide me if to change any settings??????