• Google Chrome extension to select all friends on Facebook

    by  • September 10, 2010 • Facebook, Hacks • 13 Comments

    We have mentioned about JavaScript code and Greasemonkey Script to select all friends when suggesting. It’s really easy to sent invitations to all your friends to a group or page on Facebook. But Facebook seem to have new updates and both Javascript code and the script don’t work with latest Facebook.

    Technoskillonline has found a Google Chrome extension which really works. Just go to the extension page and install it on Chrome browser. You can select all your friends when suggesting by clicking on toggle all.

    Select all friends on Google chrome

    I tried to search a similar add-on for Firefox but cannot find any of such. Firefox users can either switch to Chrome for using this feature or download this firefox add-on which enables to use Chrome extension on Firefox.

    • http://www.tech.aakarpost.com Aakar

      hmmm…sounds great… i need this to promote some pages and events… ūüėÄ

    • http://twitter.com/ggnine Gaurav Gupta

      it’s not working dude….any alternative?

      • http://technott.com sudip kafle

        Just tried it and its working on Chrome. I think you did some mistakes. Try it again.

    • http://just-ask-kim.com/ Kimberly Castleberry

      An alternative for firefox is listed in my post here http://just-ask-kim.com/hot-facebook-tip-invite-all-of-your-friends-at-one-time/ It does the same thing but not exactly in the same manner. I haven’t tried to run the same script on chrome but I would assume it would likely work since most scripts from firefox port to chrome without too much issue. The only downside of this one is the really serious delay/lag while it does the selecting. Thanks for presenting another alternative in case this one ever ceases.

      • http://technott.com Niran Maharjan

        Sorry Kimberly but the link gave a 404 error.

        • http://just-ask-kim.com/ Kimberly Castleberry

          Sorry about that Niran, I bumped my post after I re-tested the extension I’d wrote on before. I linked back to you so you should have a trackback. The script I’ve used extensively still works but its nice to see your alternative. I think a lot of people assume the old script fails because it appears to “hang” as it runs the javascript. If you just walk away from it a few minutes it works fine. Thanks for providing an alternative though.

      • http://technott.com Niran Maharjan

        Thanks for the update Kimberly and great video.

    • http://www.techabsolute.com Techwpblog

      Nice article..

    • Hhary

      doesn’t work

    • Ovibd789

      its not working ….

    • http://www.propellerd.com Free Online Bookmarks

      interesting post i search this type of extension from a long time thanks for sharing 

    • AL

      didn’t work