UberStudent -A Linux distribution for Students

Uberstudent logoFor those looking for OS perfect for higher education environment, UberStudent – a Ubuntu-based Linux distro should be the first choice. It has Ubuntu-like functions but has been modified for Students and contains student-friendly tools helping in research and writing, studying and self-management.

UberStudent includes Zotero – a research tool along with Keepnote to organize your class notes efficiently. The Firefox browser has been modified for reading and taking notes along with a host of bookmarks. With Gwibber, you can manage popular social networks and Thinking Rock helps in proper planning. Other tools include Buddi for finance management and lynx document for document processing. On the Education menu under Applications you can find lots of education-friendly tools.

UberStudent education menu
UberStudent education menu

Along with study-friendly tools, Uberstudent is also loaded with multimedia, graphics, messaging, and even games. You can download Uberstudent for free. Also, there is a lightweight edition for older computers.

  • Brian K

    “Zoronto – a research tool …” is actually Zotero, a great Firefox add-on which lets you save pages, notes, and automatically extract citations from your references, Really easily.

  • Just Kidding

    But why study AIDS?