New Facebook Scam – ’90% of Facebook Users Cried after seeing the following set of pictures’

We have detected yet another scam active on Facebook via. an app. The application posts the message “90% of Facebook Users Cried after seeing the following set of pictures http:/ /” on infected user’s wall. The app finally downloads a program to your computer which is suspected to be a virus, Trojan or an Adware.Sad app scam And here’s how the appp looks on your wall:
Sad app wall post
Sad app small post

Here’s how it works:
1) When people click on the shorturl on wall post, they are taken to an app
2) It asks to click on connect button.
3) Then it posts the same message to your wall.
4) Then it asks you to click on a link to view the saddest pictures.
5) Clicking on the link takes you to another site – which asks you to download a program from
6) I have downloaded the program and scanned it. Many of them detect as Adware, Trojan or Virus. You can find the scan report here.

So, its highly recommended to ignore this application. Report this app to Facebook so that its deleted soon. If you have already opened it, remove the app from your application settings. If you have installed the program, remove it and scan your computer with an anti-virus.

  • Mrguy1013

    Hate theses scams. Facebook really needs better application control implemented.