The best alternatives to Dropbox

Dropbox is a popular web-based service to store, sync and access files online. With 2GB of free storage and its availability across various platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile, its popularity is increasing.

Dropbox logoDropbox is not available on some platforms(Windows Mobile, Symbian) and the 2GB storage limit may some time be less for you. Sometimes, Dropbox server may be down. Then, you require its alternatives. I have tried to list the best of them here:

Windows Live Mesh1)Windows Live Mesh: With 5 GB online storage, Live Mesh seems to be the best alternative to the Dropbox. Available for Windows and Mac as well as though web, it allows you to store and sync your data online. Windows Live Mesh 2011 is a part of Windows Essentials 2011 and can be downloaded separately as well as with all other products.

SugarSync logo2)SugarSync: It has increased its free online storage to 5GB. Like Dropbox, you can store and sync file online. It supports Windows and Mac OS X but not Linux. Talking about mobile, it is available for iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android as well and Symbian and Windows Mobile. It supports 5 different languages. It also allows features like backing up any folder on computer, selectively syncing any folder, uploading and syncing via. email, editing files through web and publishing photos to Facebook which are not available in Dropbox. It also has paid plans with storage ranging from 30GB to 500 GB.

Box.net3) : Box’s cloud content management platform lets you easily share, manage and access all your business content online. Box also allows 5GB of free online storage for personal use and has a wide range of plans for Business and Enterprise users.. It can be said to be a place to manage all your documents and media or a collaborative online workspace where others can contribute, discuss and even manage basic workflow around content.

SpiderOak4)SpiderOak : SpiderOak offers almost same features as of Dropbox offering online backup, secure syncing and easy sharing. With 2 GB of free online storage, it is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. It also offers retrieving files from any Internet connected device. It also preserves all historical versions and deletes files.

ZumoDrive Logo5)Zumodrive: With 2GB of free online storage Zumodrive is available for  Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android, and Palm Pre. Like other syncing services, Zumodrive creates a drive but instead of syncing those files with all of your other devices, Zumodrive tricks the file system into thinking those cloud-stored files are local, and streams them from the cloud when you open or access them.

And here’s another alternative to Dropox which is currently in beta stage:

Sparkleshare Logo6)Sparkleshare: Sparkleshare is open-source Dropbox alternative which can be hosted on our own server. It provides almost every features of Dropbox. Best thing about Sparkleshare is that it is open-source and as it is hosted on own server, the size limit depends only on your hard drive or host size. It is currently in beta stage for Linux. It will also be released for Mac and Windows.

  • Sparkleshare is open-source Dropbox alternative which can be hosted on our own server.