Facebook user can now login to MySpace using connect button

Several years before, MySpace was not able to figure out this giant, Facebook. It didn’t hope that Facebook could hold many users and become no 2 site that the users browse.

Yesterday MySpace and Facebook had a talk and announced the expansion of their partnership in the field of social networking . By the announcement MySpace will also contain a button called as Connect to Facebook which will allow users to pull their information from Facebook to sign up to their MySpace account.

They are calling this project as “Mashup with Facebook” so they can pull their likes and interest are able to pull in their likes and interests, which makes it easy for them to do things like follow updates from their favorite entertainers.

By this Mashup both of the companies will be benefited. Facebook can send its users to the other high population site. Whereas MySpace will be able to attract the Facebook users to its site.And to the Internet users it will be good because both of the site are shacking hands to provide the good things for the users by sharing the resources.

What do you think about this friendship??