8 Tech products that flopped in 2010

2010 was the year of Tablets, smartphones and social network. iPad, Android OS, Facebook, Twitter were great successes in 2010. There was huge expectations for some other products but they failed to impress. Here are my list of 8 tech items that flopped in 2010:

Products that Failed in 2010

Google Nexus one : 2010 was a big success for Google’s Android OS. With Nexus one, Google started making their own phones to run the OS. It was the most powerful Android phone when released and had great features to compete with iPhone but the sales were not as expected and Google finally discontinued the phone within few months. The phone could only be purchased online and was less known to people outside the tech circle which might have been the reasons for its failure.

Google Wave : When Google launched Wave, techies expected this real-time tool to revolutionize online communication. Despite appreciation from few users, Wave didn’t get user adoption Google would have liked. It was finally discontinued in 2010 and was later made an open source Apache project.

Digg: Digg got a major layout overhaul in 2010 with Digg v4. However, it seemed to be a complete failure. The site was unreachable or unstable for first few days. Many users complained for removing old features like bury, favorites, friends submissions, upcoming pages, subcategories, and history. Digg’s changes only helped Reddit – its biggest competitor to grow.

Nokia’s Symbian phones: Nokia launched new series of phones running Symbian^3 – the new OS. However, it too failed to impress and the OS seems far behind iOS and Android . Nokia N8 failed to compete with Apple’s iPhone 4 and Samung Galaxy S.

iTunes Ping: Everything Apple touched wasn’t gold. The idea seemed cool but it didn’t get Facebook integration. Spams and fake accounts brought more problems for Apple. Not just Google, Apple was failed when it tried to go Social.

Microsoft KIN phones: With Kin one and Kin two, Microsoft aimed at kids for social networking and more fun. But it wasn’t cool at all and overpriced for many. The phones got poor sales and Microsoft discontinued Kin after only 48-days in market.

Google Buzz: Google failed again when it tried to be social. Firstly, Gmail user had Google Buzz integrated unwillingly and had many privacy concerns. With people already using Twitter as a microblogging service Buzz couldn’t add anything new. Google had to make a lot of changes and privacy updates.

MySpace : Myspace lost the social war against Facebook in 2010. Unable to compete with them, Myspace partnered with Facebook. Finally it transformed into a social entertainment site from social networking site.