Apache accepts Google Wave Proposal

Google Wave, launched in 2009, once used by many enthusiastic crowd, is now officially an Apache Wave.

Google Wave is a real-time communication and collaboration platform from the Internet Giant Google. Last August, Google announced that it was to end further support for the Google Wave Project and to drop-down the project by the end of this year; and open-sourced the code in September; working to prepare Wave in a Box. Earlier this month, Google made a proposal to the Apache Software Foundation, the non-profit organization responsible for supporting Apache open source projects, to continue work on Wave.

And now Apache has accepted the project as Apache Wave into its Incubator Program.

Google is now making few changes on it, as Alex North wrote,

“We’re spinning up the project infrastructure so that the community can continue to grow in the Apache way.”

“The creation of Apache Wave will serve to accelerate the growth of the existing community with strong open source processes.”

North mentioned that several new, non-Google committers are being included to the Wave project. Google welcome all those willing to contribute to the project, he added.

What do you think about Google Wave evolving as an Apache Project? Will this open-source leadership take Apache Wave to accelerate the real-time communication beyond Googles’ thoughts? Place your views below.

  • Now its sure Google Wave in not gonna die. 🙂

    • Ya ! the “Wave in the Box” project has already proved it.

  • GoinEasy9

    I liked Google Wave, but, never really got to do anything but experiment with it. I can’t wait to see what Apache does with it.