What is Number Game and Number’s status in Facebook?

Number Status in FacebookStill many people have ‘Cartoon pictures’ in the Facebook profile picture and now new trend is being viral and its Number’s trend. The recent trend of cartoonifying profile picture was wide viral and was against the child abuse. Now what are these Numbers doing in the status? OK here’s what I found.

The Wire – has reported two reasons behind this Number trends. One of them is Facebook Number Game which holds a page in Facebook describes this Number game as :

The Number Game is a fun, interactive game that you can play with your facebook friends! Here is how it works: Facebook users can ask their friends what they think about them by supplying them with a number through a message. The friend then gives the answer via a status, and attaches the number to their answer for identification purposes.


::: Ask your friends via a status or on chat to send you their favorite number through a message if they want feedback on what you think about them

::: Post a status about that particular person, starting it with the number they sent you (It can be a compliment, something you like or dislike about them, or something you always wanted to tell them)

Below are listed a few examples!

Number sent to you: 21
Status: True friend; you’ve always been there and I’m grateful for our relationship!

Number sent to you: 1013
Status: I wonder why we never really talk… you seem cool, but we just never connect:/

Number sent to you: 10
Status: You’re gonna make it somewhere someday:P Keep up the good work and stay true to who you are

The number status also has another meaning. People will post Number as their status and then their friend will reply any random number which comes immediately after they see the number in their friends status. But this doesn’t mean for any reason or

This trend is quite different from earlier trends like colour status against breast cancer, Cartoon profile picture against child abuse, fruit status,etc. You can take this as fun in Facebook and which doesn’t been to be. Still some time to watch what response it gets on facebook.