New Facebook Scam : “CLICK HERE to see the status udpate that got a girl expelled from school!! “

Girl scamDifferent types of Facebook scams are spreading this holiday season. Recently, a scam saying girl killed herself on Christmas was viral. Now, its another one saying the status update got a girl killed herself from School. This is a type of Like-Jacking scam from a rogue app taking you finally to a survey and Premium services.

Here are the messages seen on the wall:
“ha ha check this out..she is soo busted” “you got to see this she’s in such trouble”. This is from an app named “-)9”.

Here’s how the scam works:
1) On clicking the link you are taken to the site which asks you to Login via. facebook.
2) On clicking on allow, you are taken to a survey scam which wants to get paid. The survey even wants your personal info like phone no. address.
3) In the process, it also posts the message on your wall.

So, the best idea is to ignore this. If you clicked it, please remove the application by moving to your Application setting.

  • Amalgamated

    Yup, they get bolder each time…

  • Sweeps

    The app name changes. I have seen it on two friends’ walls with the app named “f_9” and “)ut”

  • Yeap321

    yeap , you are right. Who does that?

  • DSteel

    Is it a virus? A Trojan or just spam?

  • its just a spam.

  • Anonymous

    I would describe it as “malware” in that it seems to have the potential to harvest people’s FB details. The other term that is becoming used more is “social engineering”.

  • Dalekkitty

    So can anyone save everyone suffering from curiosity what the alleged “status update” was?

  • fjfj454545

    What if you just clicked the link from someone else’s wall? It took me to the page but I then exited out. Will it do anything? Thanks.

  • Adrian

    the app was called “fgv” when it got posted to me…

  • Jinxed16

    there is no status update you idiot get a brain and a life! lol

  • Ariel

    Well, it actually spreads by it self on to your friends facebook sites, even if you don’t click on allow. I never open or click on this kind of posts on my wall, but somehow it has spread out trough my connections to there pages. So I would call it a virus…