“Love to see you”, “Check your profile views” new Facebook scam

We have been alerting our viewers about many facebook scam that use authorization of Facebook and publishes unnecessary or fault results. As other new Facebook scam saying to show no of profile views is going popular on Facebook.

First, we have to be sure that there is no such mechanism to show the no profile views provided by the Facebook. Next this type of scammer search popular tags or topics to attract the more used site like Facebook. This apps can be considerd as scam and can be removed as other.

When clicked then it will takes you to survey page as below.

Don’t do any surveys. It wont work.


First, If you notice this type of message updated by yours friend then ignore this, if you click this you will also get same data as your Friend and never know when it was published. If you already clicked this than revoke the access of this apps.

It is not considered as vulnerable but is spreading viral to Facebook.

  • Eric

    That’s funny — “What is your IQ? Todays [sic] average score is 83!” That very well may be true for those who take the test.

  • Kevin Alex

    This information is already available in other websites. Kindly share some other information.

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