Want a iPhone Free?? 3GS costs 0.00$

Yesterday on the live events Apple unveiled its 5th generation phone named iPhone 4g S . It has got cool features and you can get it in apple website. But yesterday Apple also announced that it is selling iPhone 3GS with no more cost then 0.00$ with two years contract. It is the first time I guess.

Yaa and it is featuring new 16GB 4s with 99$ and 32GB with 199$ and 64GB with 299$.

Some says the reduced in price will help poor people to get access over iPhone as iPhone is no good with South asia. But this reduced price of 0.00$ will not have any significant effect in asia because we donot have much more telecom companies selling iPhone in contract.This 0.00$ is probably for selling its remaining stuffs.

And in the yesterday event unlike iPhone 5 it also didn’t addressed the budget iPhone which was said to be made for developing countries.

  • Ajaya

    its already free in UK with lowest £20 monthly contract of 24 months 🙂