Google Is Rolling Out Its New Homepage Design

Mid last year Google brought a new and improved look to its homepage. Along with its many other products, it updated its homepage with a smaller logo, and links moved to the top and bottom edges, making it look clear and easier to navigate.

And after months, Google has started rolling out a re-design, replacing the horizontal black bar at the top of the page with a grey logo bar – Google Bar. When clicked/rolled over to the logo, drop-down menu appears (nested under the Google logo), showing various Google Services and option to explore more. Further more Google has assigned its services each with unique icons, making easier to identify. Google Bar enables a quick navigation between Google Products, as well as allows to share the most out on Google+.

Google Bar

Here’s the video of the new Google Homepage.

The new design is much more neat and sleeker, resembling to that of GMail and YouTube. The Google+ service added to the top-right allows a greater interaction with every Google Products. Google is likely to roll out the new homepage globally very soon.

Place your comments how is this new Google Bar?