Go offline to a specific person in Facebook chat

Facebook has recently added a new feature in chat-box that lets you to be offline for a single person / group. This handy new feature can help you when you want to end a conversation with someone but still be able to chat with others. There may also be cases when you don’t want someone to know that you are online.
Offline to a person on Facebook
The feature is simple to use. To show yourself offline to a person,
i) Open the chat-box for the person. Then, click on options on top-right of chat-box.
ii) Click on ‘Go offline to [name]’.
You now will appear offline to him/her but still appear online to others.

Facebook keeps on adding new features often. These handy features are many times not noticed by users. Before this feature, you either needed to appear offline to everybody or to some people by creating groups.

  • I just realize it now! Everyday really bothers me because of those people who spams their non-sense chat.  I can even have my private time without interrogations from my friends. Facebook have done another accommodating changes. Thanks.