“Little Nemo In Google-Land”, A Tribute to Cartoonist Winsor McCay

Google pays tribute to American cartoonist and animator Winsor Zenic McCay with an interactive doodle, commemorating 107th Anniversary of his best known cartoon strip “Little Nemo in Slumberland”.

Today visitors to Google.com are welcomed with the recreation of the cartoon strip in a doodle, revolving around the dreams of Nemo to Google Land. It is a scrolling animated narration of the story in a very interactive way. At end of each slide, visitors are guided by a small tab at the lower right part: where on clicking takes it to another slide, each slide featuring the letters from word “Google”. The doodle is one of Google’s finest interactive piece of creation.

Little Nemo, based on the dreams of little boy, appeared in comic strips from 1905 to 1914. The comic strips featured Nemo’s adventures in land of King Morpheus and his beautiful daughter, the Princess, but suddenly fell out of bed.  Little Nemo is a notable creation of McCay’s fantasy world in comics.

The doodle doesn’t work for old browsers, update your browser if the animation is not working.