Google Play Store Brings a Redesigned Web Layout

Google has rolled out redesigned Google Play Web Store, first announced at Google I/O 2013 by Chris Yerga, the engineering director of Android. The new design is a complete web layout change, matching that of the new UI on the Android Version which was made available in April.

There is a sidebar on the left, making it easy to navigate between sections of Music, Books, Magazines, Apps, Devices, etc. Clicking on one section, you’ll get options for “My Apps” or for your “Wishlists”, also navigating to other sections is much easier.

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The app information takes up the whole page giving a clearer information. Screenshot views, descriptions, reviews have all been updated. When clicked on next buttons each blocks enlarges giving out a more clear view. Moreover an improved additional information block showing the Updated, size, Current Version etc.  And now it’s easier to browse through the Similar Apps and More from Developers blocks.

The new web layout is now available for all, you can simply visit Google Play Web Store and experience the redesign.