How to Play Facebook Messenger’s Hidden Games

Did you know that you can play games on Facebook Messenger? Probably not! but there are secret hidden games buried in Messenger.

So be it the need for getting away of boring conversation or just for passing some time, here are 2 hidden secret games which are present on Facebook’s Messenger App.  These games are present by default in the chat function and do not require any installation. Just be sure, the latest version of the App is installed on your device.

#1 Basketball

facebook-messenger-basketballBet you didn’t know you could play basketball without even having to leave the app.

The game is quite simple to activate and play.

  • Simply throw a friend a Basketball emoji.
  • Activate the basketball game by tapping on the basketball emoji you just sent. A basketball and a hoop will show up.
  • Swipe the basketball towards the hoop and for every ball you get through the hoop, you get a point. With each score happy emojis pop up.
  • If you score 10 consecutive baskets, the backboard will start moving. Challenging!
  • If you miss then your score is saved and sent to your friend as a challenge.

It’s fun, free and a nice way to pass the time.

#2 Chess

Simply open up a conversation with a friend and type the secret command, “@fbchess play“.

Unlike the previous one, the game is a little tricky and will need getting used to.

  • Typing “@fbchess play” into the chat screen reveals the chess board.
  • Every move needs to begin with the prefix “@fbchess”
  • Use Standard Algebraic Notation “@fbchess Pe4” to moves pawn (P) to e4; “@fbchess Nbd2” to move knight from b-file to d2.
  • Select pieces using K for the king, Q for the queen, B for bishop, N for the knight, R for rook or P for the pawn.


  • Start game with specific colors: @fbchess play white/black
  • Pick the opponent: @fbchess play white John
  • Claim draw (e.g. 3-fold repetition): @fbchess draw claim
  • Offer a draw in the current position: @fbchess draw offer
  • Offer an undo of the last move: @fbchess undo
  • Resign/End Game: @fbchess resign
  • Show current position: @fbchess show
  • Show stats between current players: @fbchess stats
  • For more Info: @fbchess help

Found interesting? We will be updating the list as soon as new Messenger games arrive. Feel free to comment.

  • Remy Hays

    At 20 points, basket begins to speed up. Worth playing game basketball.