Dropbox Project Infinite Re-imagines Local File Storage

Dropbox has announced Dropbox Project Infinite, a revolutionary new way to access all files on cloud.

Project Infnite

Dropbox is taking initiative to a technology how users will be able to sync and access their Dropbox files from the desktop, regardless of space availability. It allows users to share massive files and see all of the files stored in the cloud in their computer’s file explorer without any need to keep their local copies. Right now, as many cloud storage service, Dropbox synced files need to have it stored on your drive. With Project Infinite, the files just act as soft-links or shortcuts to the cloud so do not use up any local storage space.

Infinite Folders

As before, files synced and locally stored on your computer will have a green check-mark next to them. While the rest will have a cloud icon next to them indicating they’re actually stored on Dropbox cloud. Users will be able to easily manage their files in the cloud inside Windows File Explorer and Mac OS X Finder, just like any other local files. Also for those who wants to save a local copy can mark them to be stored locally, and the files will be fetched instantly.

According to Dropbox it will work on Windows PCs, Macs and everywhere. It’s highly targeted for the Dropbox Business customers. Dropbox says, currently it is testing with few selected sponsored customers. However, Dropbox has not disclosed much on its plan, prices and availability.

Project Infinite is really a revolutionary initiative on cloud storage service. Dropbox has re-imagined how cloud files are stored locally.