Open365: Open Alternative to Office365 Arrives

Open365, a free alternative to Microsoft’s Office 365, is finally here allowing users to sync documents and edit them online.

Open365 Logo

Open365 is an open source productivity suite which works similar to Office 365 and Google Docs. The service allows synchronization of files between your devices and clouds. The synchronized documents can then be viewed and edited in the cloud. Users can also create new documents as well delete existing ones.

The office suite builds on technology provided by the LibreOffice Online.  Users can sign up from its website. It gives 20GB of cloud-based storage to store the files synced across your devices. Clients are available for Windows, Mac and Linux desktop machines, and for Android. A web version is also available, so that you can use it from a browser.

The service is in beta currently; however developers plan to release tools allowing you to create and control self hosted version of Open365.