Signal Desktop Chrome App is Now Open to All

After four months of closed beta launching, Open Whisper Systems is opening Signal Desktop Chrome App to all.

Signal Desktop Chrome

Signal Private Messenger, the free encrypted calling and texting app is already available on both iOS and Android. The company had released its beta Signal Desktop app as an invite only launch last December. It is now open to all and can be grabbed from the Chrome Web Store. The app requires Android device for logging in.

Once you’ve installed the app and registered with your phone number on your Android device, you can login to the desktop app after a QR code verification. You can now message and call your contacts securely from Signal Desktop – everything is end-to-end encrypted.

It allows you to send text, audio, images and video as with most other apps but without being spied. Currently, only linking to Android devices is supported.

All the apps are open source and is available on GitHub.

  • Ambika Thakur

    I don’t know why people are building more and more messaging apps. I am using Viber. Is Viber not encrypted?